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Add Control to Your Distance Game - The C-line CD3 is Here!

For the best part 2017, the majority of the buzz around Discmania has concentrated on a single new model, the CD3. The 3rd member of our Control Driver family saw its first release as the official fundraiser of the 2nd Disc Golf World Tour event of the year, the 2017 Konopiste Open. This new release was well received and it sold out in both US and Europe almost immediately. We're now proud to announce the highly anticipated stock release of the very same model, the C-line CD3.

In the beginning of the design process for the CD3, we set out to create a driver that was suitable for all walks of life. Think of your favourite control driver and sprinkle in some added speed, glide, and a little bit of turn and you have yourself a CD3. Combine that with probably the most ergonomic rim configuration you've seen on a 11 speed driver and you'll know this is a disc you'll be opting for off the tee time after time.

Although it is great for beginning players and advanced golfers alike, the CD3 will find a home even in the bags of power throwers. You will find yourself reaching for it again and again for long tunnel shots, huge turnovers, gentle hyzers, and a soft finish on every throw. Some of our players even like it for a longer roller. You'll be amazed with how easy the CD3 is to throw consistently.

International Stock Release: Wednesday, May 3rd

The C-line CD3 enters the Discmania stock roster in a global stock release on Wednesday, May 3rd. From this date onward, retailers around the world will be starting to carry the newcomer in their selection. Check your favourite retailer for availability, or go grab yours from Discmania Store USA!


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