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Blizzard C-line launch on Monday, June 11th!

Ever since we announced our upcoming Blizzard C-line, we've been receiving a lot of questions on when will the actual release date be. Now we're proud to announce that the release for our Blizzard C-line models is just around the corner, as Blizzard C-line DD2 will see it's worldwide release on Monday, June 11th. Our other Blizzard C-line model PD2, will also be released European-wide on this date. Basically the Blizzard C-line discs will hit the disc shops within a week of the actual release date.

Blizzard C-line release on June 11th!

What the new Discmania Blizzard C-line models bring to the table is definitely big distance. The tiny micro bubbles in the C-line material are what makes a Blizzard C-line disc so different from rest of the plastics out there. Thanks to this innovation, we have been able to produce big distance drivers in weights never seen before: both Blizzard C-DD2 and C-PD2 now come in weights as low as 130 grams. These lower weights equal longer drives and the low-end of the weight spectrum will especially help recreational players to reach all new distances. Blizzard C-line discs under 140 grams also float in water.

Discmania Blizzard C-line available soon

The difference between the hugely popular Innova Blizzard Champion discs and our upcoming Blizzard C-line is, besides different models, that Blizzard C-line models will be available in "tournament ready" weights up to 165grams. This gives the power players out there a chance to experience the magic of Blizzard plastic without it being too understable to control. Controllability is definitely a keyword concerning the Blizzard C-line models, as for example the DD2 has a soft turn but it's still packed with a predictable fade giving more distance for those big flex shots.

ProTip for Blizzard C-line users

Many first time Blizzard users have a tendency to overpower their drives with the Blizzard plastic concluding in heavy turnovers and  loss of controllability. This is not surprising, as if you've heard anything about the Blizzard discs, you've heard that they fly FAR. When you hold the disc in your hand you easily think that you need to go full power since it's a maximum distance disc. Contrary to this, the key with shooting Blizzard discs is patience. Try using just 70-80% of your power and arm speed  and really concentrate on a clean release. You'll find out that you'll get longer drives with less effort and using less power really helps keeping the disc on the line.

Deep in the Game finale approaching!

The release date for our Blizzard models couldn't be more appropriate, as it's the same day on which the last episode of Discmania Deep in the Game goes live on YouTube. For those of you unfamiliar with Deep in the Game, it is a free series of high quality instructional videos that has already reached well over 100 000 views on our YouTube Channel. The first 4 episodes are already out and you can find them from our Deep in the Game -page.

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