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C-line DD Hysteria out now!

C-line DD (Hysteria)

Today (October 26th) sets the date for the official release of DD (Hysteria) in C-line material. You've possibly been able to buy these from some dealers already and we've also done a fundraising project with Australian Disc Golf Championships using this disc among some of our other models. Feedback from the field concerning the C-DD has been great: Here's a very controllable big distance driver that doesn't get scared of a little headwind.

The C-DD is your optimal driver for big hyzer shots and dead straight power drives that need to hook left (RHBH) at the end. The First Run C-line material is very durable without being too stiff and it compliments the DD-mold really well. Now, go grab yourself one from your favorite Discmania retailer and find out yourself how the C-line DD can help your game!

Need pics? Get them here: C-DD 800px: green, blue | C-DD 400px: green, blue

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