Celebrating 10 Years of the Discmania PD

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The Discmania PD, our flagship fairway driver turned 10 this year. Technically considered a distance driver, the PD is really more of a hybrid between a fairway and distance driver. With flight numbers 10, 4, 0, 3, the PD can handle lots of power from both a backhand and forehand throw.

We’ve seen many runs of this mold across all of our plastics. In C-Line alone, there have been well more than 10 different runs. While we have loved every run, there have been a few standouts over the years, including the one recently released in mid-2018.

First Run C-Line PD

The first run C-Line PD is both a beloved thrower and collector disc. It’s flat profile and slightly stiffer C-Line plastic made it quite overstable for a PD. Collectors regularly shell out good money for these. Aside from being flat and having stiff plastic, the best way to tell if your C-Line PD is a first run is it will have patent number tooling on the bottom of the disc. If you have a first run in your bag, you have likely been playing a long time or had to pay up for one on the secondary market.

Third Run C-Line PD

The third run C-Line PD is another that has developed a cult-like following. Like the first run, this version is pretty overstable in flight. The third run has a mild dome and is made of sweet, sweet pearly plastic. You cannot see though this plastic. This particular plastic is nearly indestructible. In flight, the third run goes far. You have to really juice it, but if you have the arm, this is going to be the longest flying PD in your bag. And it will stay in your bag for years, because it takes forever to break in. The collectors have been snatching these up as soon as one is posted for sale.

Mid-2018 C-Line PD

The Mid-2018 C-Line PD is eerily similar to the first run. It’s flight is nearly identical, with it having that unique combination of being overstable, but still having some glide. In fact, these could be just a tad more overstable than the first run.

"I imagine this new run will go right in the bag and be a great compliment to my other PDs." - Eagle McMahon

The plastic on the mid-2018 run is translucent, glossy, moderately flat and just a touch softer than a first run PD. Basically, it is feels amazing. This is the first-run PD you have always wanted, but affordable and readily available. This is the first time in 10 years that we can say that.

Eagle McMahon has been known to be a bit of a PD connoisseur. He’s regularly bagged both first runs and the third runs.

McMahon feels this is the most overstable run of PD to date, “I was comparing the flight to my first runs, which are well known to be overstable. The first runs definitely have a lot of fight to them, but still stay straight if thrown with enough power. This new run wants to fight out and hyzer almost right out of my hand. It is not as overstable as say an FD3, as it still has the PD integrity. I imagine this new run will go right in the bag and be a great compliment to my other PDs."

Video Review from Utility Disc Golf

Our friends at Utility Disc Golf put together a great video review of our beloved PD. They look at all the different plastic types and detail how they compare to each other. It's a must watch! 

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