Eagle McMahon - In the Bag 2018

For Eagle McMahon, the start of the 2018 season has been on a level all by itself within professional disc golf. Highlighted by his first PDGA National Tour win in Las Vegas, McMahon has his bag setup for success and it’s showing. Take a look at what Eagle McMahon has in his bag to start the year.






    • Glow P-Line P2, Imperial Eagle - 175g


    • D-Line P2 - 175g



“The D-Line is for short, understable approaches. Very beat up. Kind of a utility putter.”

“The Imperial Eagle is my go-to putter. Really stiff. This disc gives me confidence.”

“No longer throwing the C-Line or S-Line P2, I’ve switched to the S-Line P3x. The low profile makes it really easy to flick or throw backhand. Great upgrade from the P2 for me personally.”






    • Innova Glow Champion Gator - 180g


“The old European Open version has been in my bag for a while now. Used for touch shots.”

“Another is a go-to one given to me by Das Loomis. Reach for this often.”

“I do have a new one from Jeff Korns with the Oregon stamp. A little flatter, but seeing this one staying in my bag for a while.”


Fairway Drivers




    • C-Line FD - 175g



    • Swirly S-Line FD3 - 175g


    • Glow C-Line FD3 - 175g


“The D-Line FD... little kids can turn this into a roller. 100% a utility disc for me. It’s a circus disc, but has saved me many strokes. I can’t imagine my bag without a disc like this.”

“The C-Line FD comes out in touchy situations... in the woods, maybe a tailwind. I can throw this with a fan grip or little forehand touch shots.”

“The Metal Flake FD3 is almost as good as a PD now it is so beat up. Can get this to flip up a little bit and ride straight.”

“The Swirly S-Line FD3 has great glide, nice stability. My go-to right now. Love this one.”

“The Glow C-Line FD3 just came out. This is the most overstable run of FD3s I’ve had. I need that overstability.”


Distance Drivers




    • C-Line PD, First Run - 175g



    • Swirly S-Line PD2 - 175g


    • Swirly S-Line PD2, Huk Hypno - 175g


    • S-Line PD2, Blank Ink Discs McMahon - 175g


    • C-Line PD2 - 175g


    • Innova Champion Metal Flake Max - 175g


“Only two PDs right now, but might change that depending on the course. The PD is my all-around driver. I can throw laser straight lines with good power. One is the C-Line First Run PD. Really straight with a predictable finish. Love these.”

“Five total PD2s. This changes throughout the year. Phenomal disc.”

“My forehand/flip-up/roller PD2 is a softer S-Line. My secret weapon when it comes to rollers.”

“The Swirly S-Line is a tick more stable than the other S-Line PD2. Go-to forehand disc.”

“The Hypno Huk run is my favorite disc in the bag. Great run of PD2s.”

“The brand new Eagle stamp from Black Ink Discs. Looks great. Pretty overstable, feels great and a really great look. If your discs look good, you’ll have confidence on the course.”

“I lost this C-Line PD2 in Minnesota. Super beat up, but has some overstability. For outright distance, I’m reaching for this one.”

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