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Disc Golf Academy: Off-Season Training (Coordination)

Disc Golf Academy

To complete the four-part disc golf off-season training series, Disc Golf Academy coach Andreas Gertsch details a series of coordination exercises to help improve your disc golf game.

The main goal of coordination is to combine multiple factors to not only improve your disc golf shots, but improve them with precision. Gertsch highlights five areas that will benefit from these exercises:

  • Teamwork of body parts
  • Stabilization
  • Improved spatial awareness and balance
  • Improved skills
  • Economizes movements

Coordination Exercises for Disc Golf

Coordination training can be a part of all training sessions and can benefit all parts of the body. These exercises allow for your body to rest and recover while working on other drills.

Arms and Legs

There are a series of exercises that focus on your legs and arms to help improve your coordination.

  • Left-Right-Front
  • Ball Exercise

Coordination Ladder

Another series of exercises require a coordination ladder or at least a series of markings on the ground to use as a reference. You’ll need the spaces to be around 30-40 cm (1 ft) wide over the length of 5-8 meters (15-25 ft). This work will help with your footwork on difficult terrain. Once setup, you can go through another series of exercises:

  • Small quick steps
  • Sideways leg whip
  • Back leg trail whip

Gertsch recommends coordination training throughout the year and on a regular schedule. The more work you can put into coordination, the more precise your throws will be on the disc golf course.

Ask the Academy

We want to help you become a better disc golfer. What are of your game do you need help with? We want to hear from you. Email ideas of what you'd like to see us cover with the Disc Golf Academy to academy@discmania.net.

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