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Disc Golf Distance Tips and Form Critique with Simon Lizotte

Simon himself tells you how add distance to your drives.
Disc Golf Academy

Disc Golf Off-Season Training Tips, Videos

Becoming a better disc golfer next year can begin with hard work today.
Disc Golf Academy

Navigating a Winter Round of Disc Golf

Don't let the snow keep you away from the course.
Disc Golf Academy

How to Provide Disc Golf Tournament Feedback

Positive or negative, feedback can go a long way.
Disc Golf Academy

Be a Better Disc Golf Putter: Practice in Reality

Hard work will pay off and lower scores.
Disc Golf Academy

Gain Disc Golf Distance By Slowing Down

Slower speed discs will lead to better distance. Trust us.
Disc Golf Academy

Power of Positive Putting in Disc Golf

A strong mental game can really take you places.
Disc Golf Academy

The Best Shot Selection Secret in Disc Golf

Is the MD a better disc go hyzer than the MD3?
Disc Golf Academy

Five Ways to Improve Your Sidearm

A good disc golf sidearm throwing technique should have all of the following: control, balance, acceleration, power a...
Disc Golf Academy

Ask the Disc Golf Academy; Become a Better Disc Golfer

There is one common goal for every disc golfer. It doesn't matter your age, gender, location, or experience, we all w...
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