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Developing a Pre-Shot Routine for Disc Golf

What you do before the throw can make all the difference.
Disc Golf Academy

New Program: Off-Season Training With Simon Lizotte

A tailored program for disc golfers everywhere.
Disc Golf Academy

How to Build Your Disc Golf Bag

Tips from Dana Vicich on how to build the best disc golf bag for you.
Disc Golf Academy

Hitting the Line: Tips on Proper Disc Golf Shot Alignment

Proper technique at the start of your throw will show positive results at the end of your throw.
Disc Golf Academy

Tips from Team Discmania: Playing Better Disc Golf in Cold Rain

Hand warmers, napkins, and a little mental energy.
Disc Golf Academy

Improve Your Disc Golf Putting With Your Mind

Physical changes aren't always the solution.
Disc Golf Academy

Disc Golf Ace Etiquette

Sign discs, not targets.
Disc Golf Academy

What is a disc golf sponsorship?

You can start local and work your way to the big contracts.
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