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Disc Golf Off-Season Training Tips, Videos

Disc Golf Academy

While there are still many opportunities to get out and play disc golf in the winter months, it is also the perfect time to begin a structured off-season training program designed specifically for disc golf.

In early 2018, Team Discmania’s Eagle McMahon and Simon Lizotte traveled to Switzerland to work with G-Balance Disc Golf and Disc Golf Academy instructors Andreas and Irene Gertsch. We had cameras along for their trip and documented the four-stage program designed to work on your entire body to put you in the best possible shape for disc golf.

Looking back, the work paid off as McMahon and Lizotte each snagged big wins throughout the year including a European Championship for Lizotte as McMahon won the 2018 PDGA National Tour Elite Series.

As you work through the colder months, watch each of these disc golf off-season training videos to build a foundation for a great year.

Endurance Training for Disc Golf

Endurance Training focuses on three areas: Basic Endurance, Recovery Training, and Interval Training. By training four days a week, you’ll see results sooner than you might expect.

Strength Training for Disc Golf

Five exercises are recommended for disc golf strength training: Leg Curl, Push Up, Squat/Split Squat, One Armed Row, and Overhead Press.

Speed Training for Disc Golf

Coach Gertsch believes speed is the one thing all disc golfers need. Combined with explosive power, your disc golf skillset will reach the next level.

Coordination Training for Disc Golf

Finally, a series of coordination exercises are included to give your entire body a workout. Five focus areas will lead to better stabilization, spacial awareness and balance, teamwork of body parts, and more.

Ask the Academy

We want to help you become a better disc golfer. What are of your game do you need help with? We want to hear from you. Email ideas of what you'd like to see us cover with the Disc Golf Academy to academy@discmania.net.

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