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Disc Golf Reading Recommendations

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When you want to improve as a disc golfer, you tend to think you need to be throwing discs in order to do it. At times, you might hit the gym, but there are a number of great books to read to become a better disc golfer. Many of them focus on the mental aspect of disc golf, but can easily lead to results.

At least a few nights a week, we suggest that you should opt for a book versus Netflix. Reading books is a great way to continue learning and it can also ultimately help you become a better disc golfer! Practicing hard on the course and practicing hard off the course will lead to results.

We asked members of Team Discmania what they books they’ve been reading or audio books they’ve been listening to leading up to the 2019 season.

Chasing Excellence by Ben Bergeron

Recommendation by: Eagle McMahon and Bryan Peterson

Eagle McMahon says, “I’ve read this over the winter and it has me ready to chase down excellence this season. A great quote from Jerry Rice that I keep in the back of my head during those tough training days is, ‘Today I will do what others won't so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.’.”

Bryan Peterson says, “It is told from a perspective of a coach who trains Crossfit athletes at the highest level. This book describes thriving for excellent in each and every moment. Letting go of things that are beyond your control. Giving full effort and intention in your preparation and practice so that when competition comes you are ready for anything. This book has been a huge motivator for me and should definitely be on everyone’s reading list.

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The End of Average by Todd Rose

Recommendation by: Casey Pennington

It’s not specifically about disc golf or athletics, but there are a lot of lessons that can be applied. The overarching message is that there is no such thing as an average human. We are too complex and it can be misleading or even dangerous to compare ourselves to the “average” person in any context. My takeaways as they relate to being a disc golfer were:

Just because something (i.e. a particular disc, form technique, strategy) works well for someone else or even most people, doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for me. Watching the pros, it’s easy to see that there are a lot of different ways to be successful.

Everyone learns and progresses at their own pace. Resist the urge to compare myself to others and trust that I will eventually achieve my goals if I continue to put in the work and stay open to trying new approaches.

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Zen Golf by Joseph Parent

Recommendation by: Kyle Sawtelle

This book makes a lot of references to ball golf but the general idea is about achieving clear thought and not allowing your mindset to be affected because of your results.

“The greatest interference is fear of unwanted results. Yet that is precisely what we get from a lack of commitment. Instead, learn to surf on the waves of nervousness”

Buy Zen Golf on Amazon

“Putting Out of Your Mind” by Dr. Bob Rotella

Recommendation by: Dana Vicich

This is the second book of Dr. Bob’s that I’ve read, the first being the classic, “Golf is Not a Game of Perfect.” This is a shorter read, but it didn’t lack in content that will help you on the putting green. My biggest takeaway is that my routine wasn’t mental enough, I was too focused on the physical aspect of it.

“Nothing else in the world interests you except making this particular putt. There is no future and no past. You’re not dwelling on the good shot you hit to get your ball to this spot. You’re not thinking of how you’ll feel if you miss. You’re just rolling this ball into that hole.” -Dr. Bob

While “Putting out of Your Mind” is our recommendation, it doesn’t hurt to read “Golf is Not a Game of Perfect” first. It is a bit longer, but is jam packed with information.

Buy Putting out of Your Mind on Amazon

We’ve seen an increased focus on improving physical strength during these recent disc golf seasons. This is great and absolutely needed. Physical skills and strength will only take you so far in disc golf. Being mentally strong plays a huge role in your success on the course, especially in those high pressure tournament or league rounds. Do yourself, and your player rating, a favor and dive in to one of these suggested books.

Note: These are not Amazon affiliate links. Discmania is not making any money off of these recommendations.

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