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Discmania Burglary - The Plot Thickens

Hello World. As you may have already heard, a little less than week ago we found out that someone had stolen a very valuable set of prototypes from our warehouse in Tampere, Finland. We've left no clues untouched in the process of investigating this crime and lots interesting theories have been also provided by you guys. Especially one of the earliest clues involving a trenchcoat and a magnifying glass was something we were really excited about at first.

Despite the collective efforts of the Disc Golf community, we were still shooting blanks in terms of identificating the thief (turns out it wasn't Carmen Santiago after all :D). That is, until our posterboy and Discmania Team member, Jesse Heinonen were contacted by a shady Ex-Soviet character named suspiciously the "Dealer". At first we though that this was another attempt by a new disc manufacturer to steal Jesse from our Team, but after Jesse MMS'd us the photo below via email with no other information, we knew the Dealer must have something to do with the disappearance of our prototypes.

[caption id="attachment_675" align="aligncenter" width="500"]

Is this the suspicious Dealer? Is this the Dealer? And where is Jesse?[/caption]

After sending this photo, we haven't heard back from Jesse. We are starting worry that something has happened to him. Despite the fuzziness, one can fairly easily identify the discs on the table as our prototypes, the ones stolen from our warehouse.

Where is Jesse Heinonen? Has he betrayed us? Who is this "Dealer"? Will we ever get our prototypes back? Did you remember to brush your teeth this morning? Is there anything one can trust these days?

Quite franktly, we don't know the answers to these questions yet, but to be on the safe side we'd recommend you'd subscribe to our YouTube Channel. It seems like a pretty smart move at this point ;)

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