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Discmania Claims Top Selling Disc, Putter, and Fairway Driver at Infinite Discs for Q1 of 2018

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The Year of the Shield was announced at the start of the year and it’s safe to say that it was more than just strong words. Along with strong performances in the top disc golf tournaments, we’re seeing disc golfers around the world begin to add more Discmania discs to their bag.

Earlier today, Infinite Discs, one of our leading retail partners, announced their top selling discs of the first quarter of 2018.


P2 Claims Top Overall Disc, Top Putter

The Discmania P2 took home the top spot in overall sales! This marks the second straight quarter the P2 was the top selling disc at Infinite Discs. While it was the top selling disc overall, it also makes it the top selling putter for the first three months of the year.


FD Named Top Fairway Driver

In addition to the P2’s success at the start of the year, another one of our favorites, the FD was the highest selling Fairway Driver. Infinite Discs notes it jumped five spots in their sales charts. It also comes in as the eighth most popular discs overall.

We know the demand for the FD is high and we will have it restocked in the very near future, you can pick one up today at Infinite Discs.


PD, PD2, MD3 Also Rank

Discmania is showcased across all the rankings with the PD (sixth) and PD2 (ninth) dropping in on the distance driver charts and MD3 (fifth) rising up the midrange rankings.

Infinite Discs notes there wasn’t anything unique about our discs for this quarter, but might have an idea as to what is behind the strong sales numbers, “I think we could attribute this spike in sales to the performance of Team Discmania members in the first two big tournaments of the year. Eagle McMahon won the Las Vegas Challenge, and then Simon Lizotte won the Memorial Championship the very next weekend. Whether this influenced sales or not, I am curious to see if these molds will hold their ground moving forward.”

If you were to ask us, we’re confident you’ll continue to see Discmania at the top of the rankings. Don’t forget about our Reinvented FD2 that is coming out soon. Plus, you never know what else we are working on. We’re just getting started.



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