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Discmania Product Update - Year of the Sword

2022 - The Year to Remember Dear Discmaniacs, Our passion to Reinvent Your Game drove us to new heights in 2022. Ramp...

What is Discmania Creator Series?

We continue to reinvent our game at Discmania with the new Creator Series initiative. But what does it really mean?Yo...

Meet Amateur World Champion - Cadence Burge

Find out how a 15 year old from Huntsville, Alabama became the most exciting up and coming amateur disc golfer!

Discmania USA Summer Misprint Sale

UPDATE: This event has concluded. Thank you to everyone for your participation!For a limited time, get your hands on...
Disc Life

Reinvent Your Game: More Than a Motto for John Seaborn

What happens when Reinventing Your Game reaches a personal level.
Disc Life

Shaping Disc Golf History with Anders Swärd

Interview with Team Discmania’s Anders Swärd. Details on his history with disc golf, most memorable moments, plans fo...
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Signature Series: Color Glow MD3 McMahon Crowned Eagle

When the Eagle McMahon signature Glow MD3 was released, it quickly became one of our most popular midranges. We knew ...
Disc Life

From Combine to Tour: Dustin Ryalls is Making Moves

Being on Team Discmania is a dream for many disc golfers around the world. Dustin Ryalls is one of the newest team me...
Disc Life

Eagle’s Disc Life: 2018 GBO Champion

We’re two events into the PDGA National Tour and Team Discmania’s Eagle McMahon has taken home the win in both occasi...
Disc Life

Instagram Favorites of the Shield: April 2018

The weather is warming up, Discmania continues to perform at the highest levels in tournaments, and the disc golf act...
Tour / Promotions

McMahon wins 2018 Glass Blown Open, Discmania Places Four in Top-Eight

Team Discmania’s presence at every notable PDGA tournament in 2018 continued this week at the PDGA National Tour’s Gl...
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