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Discmania Lunatic Shoe Arrives

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After years of development, the Discmania Lunatic disc golf shoe is finally here. Discmania has been hands on with the creation of the best disc golf specific shoe available. The shoe has been designed and manufactured in collaboration with Halti, a renowned outdoor brand from Finland.

Adorned in black with orange accents, the Lunatic is equipped with a waterproof LunaDry shell and a reinforced toe cap to withstand even the most powerful shots. Your feet will remain dry with help from the Lunatic shoes to get you through those early morning rounds or a rain shower.


Optimized for Turf Teepads

The sole of the shoe is designed to give you confidence on the course. It is specifically built for turf teepads. When playing on turf, you can still maintain a high amount of traction to ensure you get the results you desire on the course, without grinding down the soles of the shoes.

We understand that concrete teepads are very common, especially in the United States. There is not a material available that won’t grind down on concrete. Turf teepads are a better solution on disc golf courses and won’t destroy equipment like shoes at the same rate that concrete will.


Lunatic Sizes and Availability

Initially, the Lunatic will be released in US sizes 8-13 (EUR 39-47). Based on feedback and demand we will always explore other sizes in the future.

Available below for US customers, InnovaStore for European customers and from Discmania Dealers worldwide.

International release date: Wed, April 4th, 2018


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