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Introducing the National Disc Golf Tour

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Edited on April 2nd, 2018: April Fools!

Soon after the announcing the Disc Golf World Tour would be taking 2018 off, DGWT leadership approached Discmania about a new upcoming disc golf tour. After some initial conversations with potential sponsors and tournament directors around the world, we are excited to announce the National Disc Golf Tour.

The National Disc Golf Tour is more than one tour. The National Disc Golf Tour is establishing a tour in each country around the world. Over 80 countries have come on board to help start the tours including:



    • National Disc Golf Tour - United States


    • National Disc Golf Tour - Canada


    • National Disc Golf Tour - Italy


    • National Disc Golf Tour - Iceland


    • National Disc Golf Tour - Cuba


    • National Disc Golf Tour - Faroe Islands


    • National Disc Golf Tour - Laos


Editors note: at this point Finland is not involved due to too many courses and general kindness.

The head of the Disc Golf World Tour, Jussi Meresmaa, met with Discmania’s CEO about an investment into the National Disc Golf Tour. Meresmaa met with himself and gave a presentation about the potential growth and to ask Meresmaa to lead the National Disc Golf Tour. Meresmaa found himself charming and couldn’t pass up this business opportunity.

“I promised my family I would only do one more disc golf tour,” Meresmaa said. “So I’m doing one, but in every country. Everyone knows this doesn’t make sense financially, but I. Can’t. Stop. Doing. This.”

The National Disc Golf Tour is also designed to bring a professional disc golf tour with approximately $3,980 per country in sponsor money. Tournament winners will win at least 14.3% of the total purse for each tournament.

Each tour will consist of more than one, and up to 27 events, held at the top disc golf courses in each country. Each National Disc Golf Tour will have a lead Tournament Director who will not be paid for his or her service. The exposure to disc golf companies is valued at enough compensation for ultimate success.


McMahon, Lizotte To Appear World Wide

Team Discmania’s Eagle McMahon and Simon Lizotte have agreed to play in at least one National Disc Golf Tour even in every country in the inaugural season.

Lizotte is excited for the travel opportunities ahead, but will skip the National Disc Golf Tour - Switzerland after his experience with the recent off-season Bootcamp.

“I can’t go back to Switzerland. I’ve done enough sprints, core exercises, and squats to last me a lifetime in that country. Nice place, but I can’t do it anymore,” Lizotte said after hearing he had to go back to the Alps.

”Travel is awesome. I’m young enough to never feel jetlag and can adjust to any climate in moments. Simon can’t hang. Plus, the Pokémon Go options are amazing,” McMahon replied.

National Disc Golf Tour Director Jussi Meresmaa testing new DiscGolfPark turf Teepads on Cobacabana, Brazil.


Woods, Fields, Mountains, Beaches, and More

With many exotic locations on the map, Discmania’s course design division, DiscGolfPark will be volunteering to help develop championship level disc golf courses everywhere.

Course designer Avery Jenkins is looking forward to designing courses in new parts of the world, “There is so many great types of terrain in the world. I love all of them. Next to disc golf, terrain is my favorite thing. We’re going to change the world by placing DiscGolfPark TeePads everywhere.”

“We’re going to go beyond just the woods. Trees are hard to throw through so we’re going to take it to the next level. The Swiss Alps course has some steep cliffs that make for some awesome holes.”

Jenkins is also looking forward to the National Disc Golf Tour - Brazil, “Everyone knows the iconic Copacabana Beach in Rio. That course will have no grass at all. Just sand and DiscGolfPark TeePads. It’s the perfect way to take something perfect and make it even better.”


Forget Multi-Hole Broadcasting, Meet Every-Hole Broadcasting

To ensure fiscal responsibility is not a top priority, the National Disc Golf Tour will bring live broadcasting to each tournament regardless of the country. On a standard 18 hole course, you can expect to see live coverage of each hole.

To best accomplish this, we will have 18 YouTube channels per country with one crew at the teepad and one by the basket... so that’s actually 36 YouTube channels. Example: Spain - Hole 1 - Teepad, Spain - Hole 1 - Basket.

Each channel will bring unedited, live coverage of every card from their dedicated angle. In addition, live play-by-play will be provided by everyone’s least favorite professional disc golfer.

We will also feature live drone footage on each channel. Anyone who owns a drone is officially qualified to be a drone videographer for the National Disc Golf Tour. The only restriction is to make sure the drone is high enough so the noise isn’t noticeable by anyone on the course.

Did you know that anyone can fly a drone? Bring your kids to film!


Future of Disc Golf

On this first day of April 2018, we are beyond excited to bring you the future of disc golf with the National Disc Golf Tour.

“I haven’t slept much since we started planning the National Disc Golf Tour,” Meresmaa stated while drinking an energy drink. “It isn’t really the nerves or the excitement, but more the fact that I just have too much work to do. The airline miles will be worth it.”

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