Discmania Stiff P-Line MD4: 2018 Pro Worlds Release, Flight Review

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The Discmania Stiff P-Line MD4 has us feeling nostalgic. It takes us back to earlier days in the sport. The days where baseline midrange discs ruled the fairways. Just 10-15 years ago, midranges in premium plastic were not widely available. It was normal to have three or four of the same midrange in your bag. This was referred to as cycling. Some discs were brand new and others you’ve had in the bag for years.

Fast forward to today and the premium plastic midrange has taken over, and for good reason. The durability of a C-Line midrange is unbelievable. You can trust that the flight of a C-Line MD4 will remain true for a whole season, if not longer. Breaking these premium discs in to fly understable can take years.

The release of the popular MD4 in Stiff P-Line plastic gives you the opportunity to beat these in over time and rely on one single midrange mold to do all the work for you.

Flight of the Stiff P-Line MD4

Out of the box, the Stiff P-Line MD4 retains many of the overstable characteristics of it’s C-Line partner. Thrown flat, it will fly straight before gently starting to fade. You can really put some power behind the Stiff P-Line MD4 and trust it will hold the angle you put it on. If you need to trust it on a straight line, it will do that. If you need it to ride a big hyzer, let it rip!

As the disc begins to slow down, it won’t just dive straight to the ground. There is a nice amount of glide which helps it carry a little further than you’d expect. This also makes it a great shot shaping disc.

Putting some anhyzer on these will result in some long flights. Put a lot of turn and you’re going to see a flight that holds the turn, but tries to fight out during the entirety of its flight. It won’t fight out too quickly, but will gradually move from anhyzer to flat. It might not be the first disc you think of for turnover shots, but that's the secret to disc golf shot selection.

Power players may find that they can’t quite get it to flip to flat from a hyzer angle. This will change after it breaks in.

After a week or two of playing with the Stiff P-Line MD4 it will start to straighten up in flight. Continue throwing and learning it for another month or so. By this time, the once beefy MD4 will have some nice turn to it and likely a little less fade. You may even find yourself hyzer flipping it to flat. That once overstable midrange is a laser straight point and shoot.

This is the perfect time to introduce a fresh Stiff P-Line MD4 to the bag. And welcome to disc cycling! Continue adding a fresh one as needed. This is also a great way to keep the amount of molds you carry to a minimum.

Feel of the Stiff P-Line MD4

In the hand, the Stiff P-Line MD4 has a nice, beefy feel to it. The disc itself is very flat and low profile, but not so much that it is uncomfortable to grip.

When you pick it up, you can feel that this is a disc that can handle some wind and power. The Stiff P-Line plastic starts out a little on the slick side, but after a round or two, you’ll love it.

2018 Pro Worlds Pre-Release Prototype Stiff P-Line MD4

Discmania is excited to support the 2018 PDGA Pro Worlds at Smugglers Notch, Vermont with a limited Stiff P-Line MD4 release!

This pre-release prototype run of the Stiff P-Line MD4 is dedicated to raise funds for the event. A very limited quantity has been made so grab yours while you can.

This limited release is only available through the Discmania Store and the InnovaStore in the EU.

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