The Best Shot Selection Secret in Disc Golf

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I have given many lessons and clinics over the years. It has become one of the more enjoyable disc golf related activities I do. Seeing someone improve right before your eyes is a special feeling. Often, there usually comes a point during a lesson or clinic where there is an “ah hah” moment. This moment usually happens during the disc selection portion of the program.

Resist Overstable Discs

When throwing a right hand back hand shot (RHBH) that needs to finish left, or hyzer, the urge is to reach for an overstable disc. We do this because it is reliable and you know that whatever angle you release it on, it is going to hyzer out. This is the standard play for most players and, at times, might be considered the smart play. When the wind is up and in your face, yes, this is the smart option. Throw reliable shots when possible, no question there. With all of that said, don’t paint yourself in to a corner when it comes to throwing hyzer shots. 

When thrown on a hyzer, an overstable disc wants to find the ground. The more stability a disc has, the quicker it will want to dump out of the air and land. This means that the less stability the disc has, the longer it will take to find the ground when thrown on a hyzer. It is quite common to over-correct on disc selection and seeing your disc travel too far to the left as it finishes. 

Simon Lizotte lines up a shot at the Konopiste Open

You likely needed a flat release with an overstable disc or a hyzer release with a neutral disc. In reality, it is very easy to grab a an overstable disc, one that naturally wants to finish left, and you added hyzer too it. Now you get a finish on steroids that will result with an ending with more fade than you really wanted.

The next time you play, go out with a neutral mid-range disc, such as a C-Line MD. Play with only this neutral flying disc for a week, or longer. This will help open your mind to a whole new level of shot creativity. Your game will improve. You may find that you’re getting to holes you may have struggled with previously.

If you need it to finish to the left, you're going to add some hyzer to it. The disc will fly on the angle it is on, but for a hyzer finish, it will need some encouragement. You have to help it. Play with different throwing heights, power, and angle. You'll surprise yourself with what you can do with a neutral disc.

Turnover Shots with Overstable Discs

The same concept goes for throwing turnover shots. You don’t always need to reach for your most understable flier. Instead, try throwing a disc like the C-Line MD3 on a turnover line. This slightly overstable disc will hold the turn for a short period and then start to fight out. Thrown correctly, you may see your MD3 travel further to the right (RHBH) than your MD. This is another prime spot to test different heights, powers, and release angles. 

More Speed

The FD, with it’s 7, 6, -1, 1 flight numbers, is a perfect fairway disc to test this overall concept with. If you exclusively spent some extended time with only throwing the MD, adding the FD in to the mix is going to be a real treat. The FD is one of those rare fairway discs that you can do anything with.

Out of the box, you might reach for it on those straight shots that require just a little more distance. Try it on a hyzer shot and watch just how much control you have. Again, you have to help it a bit with a proper release angle, but you can still really control it. Don't forget to try it on some turnover shots as well. This is where you can really reinvent your game and go to the next level. 

Ultimately, you need to remember that when thrown with hyzer, an overstable disc wants to find the ground, while a neutral or understable disc will offer more air time, but a nice finish to the left. Use this newfound knowledge to go try for yourself, you may even experience your own "a ha" moment.

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