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Discmania Partners with Innova, Latitude 64, and Yikun

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It’s time to change the game. 

For the first time in disc golf’s history a major disc golf brand is cooperating with multiple disc manufacturers. This strategy will allow us at Discmania to grow even faster and reach new customers around the world.

“I’m thrilled to announce that beginning today, we are starting a cooperation with Latitude 64 and Yikun. With these new partners, along with Innova Champion Discs, we are able to serve our customers better.” says Discmania’s CEO Jussi Meresmaa.

With manufacturing cooperation with Innova Champion Discs, Latitude 64 and Yikun, Discmania will launch three different product lines for 2019: Discmania Originals (by Innova), Discmania Evolution (by Latitude 64) and Discmania Active (by Yikun). New products are will begin to roll out during this spring from all three lines.

These three partnerships were carefully selected for the new strategy: each manufacturer has their own strengths and they are strategically located for Discmania’s needs. This helps Discmania serve its customers faster and better than before.

“Our main partner, Innova, has a factory in our main market area, the United States. That keeps the supply close to the demand. Our new manufacturing partners will help us to grow vertically in the disc golf industry,” Meresmaa says. “We are adding high-end products to our line-up to cater to the ever-growing ‘discmaniacs’. We are also adding a whole line of affordable, branded products that will help us grow in new market areas around the world.”

Discmania Originals

First launching in 2006, the Discmania Originals, manufactured by Innova, include many industry favorites such as the P2, FD, and PD. The same Discmania discs you have in your bag today will continue to be available. 

Learn more about Discmania Originals.

Discmania Evolution

Discmania Evolution aims to be the most progressive line in disc golf. Manufactured by Latitude 64 in their state of the art production facility. Innovation leads the way as we focus on the most important discs in the world: yours. Quality matters!

Learn more about Discmania Evolution.

Discmania Active

Discmania Active is produced with a collaboration with Yikun, China’s leading disc golf company. This unique line of golf discs is aimed at providing the best disc golf experience to new markets at a new, more affordable price point.

Learn more about Discmania Active.

Year of Evolution Begins Now

This new strategy will shake up the traditional disc golf industry and time will tell if other brands will follow. At this point, the stage is set for us at Discmania. This strategy was inspired by the global sporting goods giant Nike. Their manufacturing partners around the world are strategically selected and their quality meets the demand of the industry leading company. Nike started small, selling running shoes locally in Oregon. It was Phil Knight’s passion to change the running shoe market that lead Nike to challenge industry standards. And the rest is history.

Be sure to follow Discmania on Facebook and Instagram as we begin the Year of Evolution.

Come evolve with us. Those who resist evolution get left behind. 

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