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Discmania Partnership & Charity Fundraising - Bob Kulchuk interview

Bob Kulchuk is staple on the disc golf scene in Massachusetts and throughout the northeast, but ventures out to several larger scale elite events averaging over 30+ tournaments per season for the past 7-years. As the PDGA Massachusetts State Coordinator he is responsible for assisting in tournament organizing and scheduling being involved in many facets of the sport. Disc Golf definitely keeps him busy on many levels even when it comes to fundraising for Disc Golf Charities.

We had the opportunity to connect with Bob to find out what his other passion is when he’s not playing the local course or competing in weekend events. He hand crafts unique wood/resin minis that are all one-of-a-kind and donates the funds that he raises to instrumental disc golf charities that help the sport flourish.

Starting the woodwork

Bob Kulchuk explains that his main hobby craft is pottery, but he started dabbling on the lathe several years ago making pens and small turned items. During the pandemic, he was searching for a stress relief valve as he was going to work every day as an essential worker.

He started making the minis as a sort of therapy for himself. He posted a few pics online and people seemed to like them and wanted to purchase them. He decided that, rather than selling then, he would make the minis and send them to people who donate to the charity of their choice, because charities, especially during times of crisis, need support.

Bob explains that he has been lucky enough to work alongside thousands of amazing people during his career in nonprofits, that people inherently want to give of themselves. Sometimes people just need a little nudge.

Minis and charities

In 2020 Bob made and gave away 72 minis raising total of $6,800 for charity. So far in 2021, he has made 58 minis raising just under $5,900. Since he started this project, the mini giveaway has raised $12,700 for charity!

During the first year he left the charity up to the choice of the donor. As it was a personal choice for each donor, there were understandably many, many charities - approximately 35 different ones. In 2021, he chose to target three disc golf related charities in order to more significantly impact each charity's budget. Those charities are Throw Pink, UPlay and E.D.G.E.

Favorite parts of the project

Bob tells that the best parts about the whole project is bumping into mini recipients and seeing his minis in use out on the course. Recently he was told that this project had inspired someone to find a way to give back to the sport - to him, this is what it is all about.

Bob says that he has two very memorable donations. First, Simon Lizotte donated to get a mini and then featured him with an interview on his vlog. It was great for the project to get that level of exposure and for that, he is eternally grateful for his support. Second, the owner of the DGPT reached out to Bob and donated $600 to be divided up among the three charities. He wanted Bob to give the minis to deserving kids or players. Since each of those charities deal directly with deserving players, Bob sent them each two minis to disburse as they saw fit. He is truly humbled by the level of support within the disc golf community.

A message to the fans

Bob tells that this project has been not only therapeutic for him, but also a way to give back a bit to the sport that has given him so much. His message to the fans is: Don't sit on the sidelines. Find a way to give back. It can be as big as running a clinic or event, showing up to work days at your local course or even as simple as bringing a bag with you during your casual round to pick up trash.

Huge thanks to Bob for all that he has done and continues to do to give back to the sport that we all love. He has plans to craft several more minis, so be on the lookout on his Instagram for a chance to own one of these beautiful minis and generously support a disc golf charity in the process.

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