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Discmania Sponsors Three Leading European Disc Golf Tournaments

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The 2018 disc golf season is just getting started and if the early tournaments are a sign of things to come, we are in for a treat. Many of the tournaments we’ve seen so far have been held in warmer climates. As the tournament action continues, it will soon hit Europe for a number of top level tournaments.

Discmania is excited to be a leading sponsor for three of the leading European disc golf tournaments: Sula Open, Konopiste Open, Central Europe’s Disc Golf Championships.

All three events bring disc golf to the highest level possible and helping be a part of that is a priority for us.


Sula Open, June 22-24

Sula, Norway is the established home for the very popular Sula Open. The tournament has seen some great battles in recent years with many of the top pros making this an annual event. This year Sula Open is the 2nd stop of Europe's elite disc golf series, the EuroProTour.

“Sula Open has been the biggest and most prestigious event in Norway the last years with winners such as Avery Jenkins,” Sula Open tournament director Jostein Håland says.

“Our course is a real championships course in stunning sorroundings. It’s a huge honour for us to have a quality company like Discmania on the team when we ourselves have a quality tournament. That’s a powerful duo!”

Famed scenic course and well run event have attracted top players to Sula Open along the years. Photo: PA Måseidvåg


Konopiste Open, July 12-15

Held in Benesov, Czech Republic, the Konopiste Open is one of the fastest growing European disc golf tournaments. The 2018 edition of the event sets it higher than ever as an esteemed PDGA Major tournament. In fact, it will go in to history books as the first European Major event organized outside the Nordic countries. Discmania has been a part of the tournament since the start and we’re excited to be on board in 2018.

“[In 2013], Konopiste Open was just a small event with big ambitions. Ambitions we would have never fulfilled without this long-term partnership [with Discmania],” Konopiste Open tournament director Premysl Novak says.

“Our partnership with Discmania is a learning process we benefit a lot from. We are always happy for material support, which is very generous every year, but the know-how they have been sharing with us and promotion they have been giving to our event is priceless. That is the biggest advantage of the partnership with Discmania, they are not just giving away a bunch of discs, there is always much more, and it is always done in a professional and effective way.”

Konopiste Open is the European PDGA Major of 2018. Photo: Eino Ansio.


Central European Disc Golf Championships, July 27-29

The best disc golfers from Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia will descend on Kope, Slovenia for the Central European Disc Golf Championships.

CEDGC tournament director Bostjan Babic says this is the first time an event of this caliber has come to Slovenia and he believes Discmania’s sponsorship is key to that, “Getting Discmania as our main sponsor would bring the whole tournament to a new level. Previous CEDGCs had sponsors, but we see our colaboration with Discmania as more than just a sponsorship. We want Kope Disc Golf course to be the first DiscGolfPark course in Slovenia and the amount of promotional material we want to use on the site has not been matched in our area.”

We at Discmania are excited to be a part of these events to help bring disc golf to the next level.

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