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Discmania supports Russian Disc golf - First FD's available!

Those of you who have been following this blog might already know how close to our hearts spreading the joy of disc golf is to us. We've been to emerging disc golf nations like Czech Republic, Australia, Brazil and Taiwan among many others promoting the sport of disc golf to the people. Latest country on our list is Russia, as we're supporting the Russian Disc Golf Championships by putting out a set of blazing hot Discmania collectibles with the show-stopping artwork by disc golf artist Skeet Scienski.

Russian Championships C-line FD's

The featured discs are long-awaited Discmania FD's (Jackal) with 3 types of material: The first run S-line, first run C-line and a special set of clear first run C-line. Also featured is the recently announced S-line PD2 (Chaos) and a special batch of 2nd run C-line DD2's. The profits from these discs go directly to the Russian Disc Golf Championships, so stocking up with these collectible gems also benefits the growth of disc golf!

We picked Hero Disc USA as our partner for this fundraising project, so go check them out while you still can!

- Discmania Staff

Ps. For our Finnish fans there's also a limited amount of S-FD's available with Huk Lab custom dye at discmania.fi -webshop!

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