2021 Product Update 🔄

DITG Episode 2: Win exclusive plastic!

As some of you already guessed, just like with the first episode, we've hidden a Discmania sticker somewhere in the Backhand episode too for you to spot. Spotting the sticker may just pay off well, since we're once again dealing out sweet Deep in the Game -stamped discs to three lucky persons with the right answer to our competition question:

At which time is the Discmania sticker visible in the video?

(Extra points for those who also point out the location of the sticker)

The Prizes

For the Backhand episode we've reserved 3 exclusive first run C-line FD's, one for each lucky winner. One of the three key points of the episode is featured on each disc, hand written by Avery Jenkins himself. As you may already know, these discs are not yet available as a "stock" release, so here's a chance to grab yourself a sweet pre-release C-FD that is not available anywhere else.

The Instructions

All you need to do to make yourself eligible to win is to spot the sticker in the episode and submit us the time when the sticker is visible. All answers must be send as messages to our Deep in the Game facebook -page.

Only answers via the Discmania Deep in the Game -facebook page are eligible to win. To participate in the contest, you must send us a facebook message via the Discmania Deep in the Game -facebook page. (Click to enlarge.)

Please note: The sticker is visible for a short time and it’s not necessarily easy to spot. There are logos similar to the sticker visible in the episode in the clothes of Jussi & Avery, but they’re not the one you should be looking for. Additionally there is a sticker on the lawn when the 3 keypoints of putting are shown in the episode, but the winning sticker is visible somewhere else on another timeframe. The one you should be looking for is much harder to spot than that ;)

The Rules

1. Everyone with a facebook account are eligible to participate.

2. The three (3) winners for this episode will be randomly selected from the group of correct answers. All winners will be contacted personally (by a reply to the facebook-message), but we do reserve the right to publish the names of the winners.

3. The competition closes when Episode 3 airs and the winners will be announced on Tuesday, May 15th.

4. The prizes will be shipped to the addresses provided by the winners.

Once again, Happy hunting folks!

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