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Special Gems Dropping at Discmania European Open Pro Shop

2023 European Open Online Pro Shop

The European Open returns in full force this week! To celebrate the glorious return, we have several special drops coming to our European Open Pro Shop throughout the tournament. Check back often for special plastic and disc combinations, as well as never before seen apparel!

We already dropped the much anticipated Golden Horizon Cloud Breaker, available now in the Pro Shop. Be quick to grab yours, it's likely they won't last long!

For our European friends, we have an amazing lineup for you on the Discmania Europe Pro Shop.

Come See us LIVE at European Open

Undeniably, the live experience at European Open is unrivaled. If you plan to be there in person, find the Discmania Pro Shop inside Nokia Ice Hall (Kattokeskus Areena), Hinttalankatu 6, 37100, Nokia, Finland.

Our Pro Shop is open on all tournament days! Here's a breakdown of the hours and release times for the in person Pro Shop.

Wednesday, July 19 Presidents Cup team event
Shop open 12-20

Golden Cloud Breaker release at 12:00

Vault drop #1 at 12:00

GameProofer™ Smart Tag presale starts (online only)

Thursday, July 20th European Open round 1
Shop open 11-20
Limited Edition Glow C-line FD3 release at 12:00*
Friday, July 21st
European Open round 2
Shop open 11-20
Limited Edition Neo Lumen Enigma release at 12:00*
Saturday, July 22nd European Open round 3
Shop open 11-20

Limited Edition Lux Vapor Paradigm release at 12:00*

Vault drop #2 at 11:00

Sunday, July 23rd European Open final round
Shop open 11-20 Limited Edition Color Glow C-line P1 release at 12:00*


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