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Grady Shue: A Discmania Combine Gem

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When we started the Discmania Combine, we aimed to find the next flock of disc golfers who will be making an impact in the sport around the world. One of the gems we came across was Grady Shue from Charlotte, North Carolina. Shue has only been playing disc golf for four years, but the sky is the limit as he enters his second year as a professional.

Shue might not be a household name today, but you just wait and see. We talked to Shue about his upcoming 2018 season and how Discmania has helped reinvent his game.

Who is Grady Shue when he is not playing disc golf?

I recently found a few new hobbies. The most prominent being physical fitness and health. Everyone wants to be in better shape and be able to keep up with the results, but I've really begun to enjoy time in the gym or becoming strict with my diet and things like that. It's a little easier for me, because I'm currently not in school or have a full time job. Because of that it's hard to retain a drive for learning and routine, but I enjoy being able to have a little freedom and gain knowledge from whatever I can.

Grady Shue Grady Shue throws at the 2017 United States Disc Golf Championship. Photo: Eino Ansio

What’s your strongest feature as a competitor? What separates you from the rest?

I'd like to think that my outlook on tournaments and results  the best out of a lot of people, especially towards what I want to achieve and how I do it. I will say that discipline is hard to attain, so practice may take a backseat every once in a while, but my mindset to be better with every event and always take away a good lesson is on the forefront of my thoughts. It's important to always have a level head and look forward to the next shot, the next round, or the next event.

Which Discmania disc helped you to reinvent your game?

Out of everything I've tried the biggest move was trying the Discmania P2. It's the only putter I carry now. It's obviously the best putter ever made, not only because of how versatile it is, but it does what any other putter can, only better.

How did you prepare for season 2018?

This off season was probably a bit more relaxed than most, I felt like the break I planned was longer than expected, but much more needed than I thought. Most of my preparation goes into the rounds before a tournament, but field work and putting practice are definitely what I tried to work on most.

Grady Shue at the Las Vegas Challenge Grady Shue at the Las Vegas Challenge

Your season started last weekend with the Las Vegas Challenge. How did the first big event of the year go? What can you take from this one going further into the season?

For how my off season went, I finished how I expected, but was not satisfied to say the least. It was good getting back into the tournament mindset again and really focus on each shot, and it really was a wake up call to what I needed to focus on differently or more so than I previously had.

What are you looking forward to most in 2018?

There are a few events I'm looking forward to more than others, but to be honest I'm excited to be able to play a lot of great events run by great people with amazing competitors. I can't wait to experience everything to come and getting to see new places and meet new people and grow as a person and a player.

What’s your goal for 2018 – or your main goals if you have several?

My goals for 2018 and to an extension my whole career are not very concrete, I like to take things one step at a time and if someone's needs work or I feel like I can do something better, or even be playing at a level I think I should be I'll put in the work to right it, physically and mentally. This goes for disc golf and my well being too. As it is I'd like to keep my goals up in the air to some extent.

Be sure to follow Shue’s progress throughout the season. As we said, the sky is the limit and it is only a matter of time for when he breaks through to the next level.

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