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Hot Release: Eagle McMahon P-line P2

The Eagle McMahon Signature P-Line P2 is here. We have collaborated yet another special version of the P2 to use as Eagle's second tour series disc. A significant portion of all sales go directly to Eagle and his tour funding. These P-line P2's feel just as amazing as they look. The P2 is our most popular disc, as we wrote in our recent article. Paul McBeth uses the S-line version of the P2 and Simon Lizotte the D-line version.

Here's what Eagle has to say about his new disc: "The P-line P2 is the best putt and approach disc I have ever thrown. It is the disc I use for my putting and short range upshots. When new, it is reliably overstable. When it beats in, it makes for a perfect straight thrower. I really enjoy the P-line plastic because it is stiff but still offers a great grip. I recommend this disc to virtually everyone who enjoys stiffer plastic."

With the new P-line P2 Signature Disc, Eagle rises to new heights as not many players have a signature putter. The first batch was sold out faster than any of our previous new signature disc releases!

Available now at our dealers and Discmania Store!

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