Instagram Favorites of the Shield: May 2018

Disc Life

If there was one thing we saw this month on Instagram, it was a countless number of aces! Those Discmania FD3s, MD3s, P2s, and more are really hitting the chains. We couldn't select all of them to highlight this month, but many of them made the cut.

Remember, tag @discmaniadiscs and use the hashtags #discgolf, #disclife, or #discmania in your posts. We’ll review everything at the end of the month and showcase our favorites here. Check out this month's Instagram favorites!

A fresh D-Line P3x ace! Loving those new discs.

What a view!

Sweet ace indeed! 

What a better place to practice! 

First Ace! That’s a hole in one golf terms. #disc #discgolf #md4 #discmania #ace

A post shared by Nate (@xfitn8) on

Many more to come! Glad that MD4 is working for you.

Practice! Keep up with it. It will pay off.

Dogs and aces in one photo. Can't be topped.

#discmania #discgolf #oneplus5t

A post shared by Patrik Korhonen (@badwolff86) on

Nothing like the setting sun hitting the chains. 

Glad that P2 is finding the chains for you. Keep it up!

Tourney aces are the best! Nice!

This guy gets it. Nice shooting by Team Discmania's Dana Vicich.

#ace #holeinone #discgolf #discmania #fd3 #9 #discgolfshoutouts

A post shared by Toni (@tonterikoo) on

The FD3 strikes again!

Glad you found our Fantasy Doubles! Keep us posted on that CD3.

What a great looking course! Nice discs too! 

DDx ace checking in! 

And we can't pass up a little Sky God ace! 

Don’t forget to tag @discmaniadiscs and use the hashtags #discgolf, #disclife, or #discmania in your posts. Keep the photos coming! We love seeing what you come up with.

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