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Instagram Picks of the Shield: February 2019

Disc Life

The PDGA National Tour has begun and the Disc Golf Pro Tour is right around the corner! February always means the warmer temps are coming soon and the disc golf action is heating up. It’s been an exciting month for us at Discmania and looks like your disc golf fun on Instagram has been just as great.

Remember, tag @discmaniadiscs and use the hashtags #discgolf, #disclife, or #discmania in your posts. We’ll review everything at the end of the month and showcase our favorites here.

Congrats on the snowy ace!

We’re stoked for you too. Nicely done!

Snowy practice will pay off in the warmer weather. Nice D-Line P2s too!

Great looking bag on a beautiful course.

Discmania CEO Jussi Meresmaa is loving our new home in Colorado.

Ethan, you aren’t alone in that reaction to our new partnerships. We’re just getting started!

Great seeing so many friends at our grand opening.

Bam! Great ace.

Baby approved Sky God 2!


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#discmania #p2 #eaglemcmahon

A post shared by Casey Morris (@casebro_fl_) on

Great disc on what looks to be a beautiful day.

What a killer photo of Simon Lizotte. Love this!

Check out Eagle McMahon’s newest fan. We’re keeping an eye out for you in Arizona!

Team Discmania’s Dom Stampfer is loving the DiscGolfPark in Mijas, Spain.

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