Let’s Grow Women’s Disc Golf, $1,000 Investment for the Best Plan

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The disc golf community has seen the “grow the sport” mentality for years now. Through the grassroots style campaign, there are many factors you can point out that can detail the growth around the world. This might be the number of courses installed, the number of tournaments held, or expanded disc golf media options. Compared to just 10 years ago, the landscape has changed quite a bit.

At Discmania, we want to challenge the disc golf community to help take a specific part of disc golf to the next level. Discmania CEO Jussi Meresmaa has announced he is investing $1,000 for the best idea for promoting women’s disc golf.

It is important to note, the $1,000 will be invested into the idea and not given straight to the individual who proposed ultimate choice. This ensures the largest impact possible. The idea can be anything, but should be something that can see immediate action.

While the overall scope of disc golf has grown, there is still work to do on the women’s side. Let’s learn from the past and build for a very successful future.

Meresmaa and Discmania want to take a lead role, but we’ll need help making these ideas a reality. Soon after making this announcement, Meresmaa was contacted by the Disc Golf Foundation who want to help make this initiative even larger than we initially planned.

Submit your idea by emailing by March 31, 2018. Meresmaa will review every submission and the winning idea will be selected in April. The $1,000 will go toward that idea to help promote women’s disc golf.

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