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Lights Out: Glow Disc Golf Tips

Disc Life

As the days become shorter, that doesn’t mean that disc golf gets cut short either. There is always time for glow disc golf.

At Discmania, we are purists when it comes to playing glow disc golf. Many players like to tape a glow light on their disc. This does make for hassle free night golf, not having to carry a LED/blacklight flashlight. But it comes at a price. Adding the tape and glow light ultimately affects the flight of the disc. Throwing a (LED/Blacklight) charged Color Glow MD3 is going to fly the exact same at 11 a.m. or 11 p.m. This gives you a big advantage when playing at night!

In 2018 alone, we have released the following discs in our C-Line Glow plastic: PD2, FD3DDX and the hot-off-the-presses Crescent Falcon II. In C-Line Color Glow, we saw a few signature releases: Eagle McMahon Crowned Eagle MD3, Nate Perkins Nightstrike FD, the Avery Jenkins Dark Maul PD and the brand new 2019 European Open MD5.

A new plastic for us, the Color Glow P-Line made it’s debut this year in the form of the Eagle McMahon Imperial Eagle II P2.

Before You Glow

Prior to heading out on the course, a little planning can go a long way.

Make sure your course is open for play after dark. Please respect posted park hours so you don’t create a headache for everyone involved.

Purchase a high quality LED/Blacklight flashlight. Using a regular flashlight is a recipe for a lost disc. Trust us, your regular flashlight just won’t get you glowing.

Try to keep lights to a minimum. You want your eyes to adjust to the darkness. Don’t put yourself in danger though! If you need to break out a flashlight, do it. A course with some adverse terrain may not be the best course to play at night.

Glow disc golf should not just be a daylight savings activity. There is something special about watching your glowing disc shine it’s light down the fairway on the way to the bucket. It’s exhilarating dodging trees and other obstacles that you can’t even see.

Traditionally, the glow season picks up in mid-to-late Fall, In the United States this is once daylight saving time ends in November. When it gets dark before 5 p.m., it doesn’t leave much time to play for the 9-5 working class disc golfer. So if you need your disc golf fix during the week, it is likely happening when the sun goes down.

Grab your favorite glow discs, be prepared, and go have some fun.

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