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Special Release: Discmania 10 Year Anniversary C-Line PD

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Throughout 2018 we’ve been celebrating the 10 year anniversary one of the favorite discs in our lineup: the Discmania PD. Since its release in 2008, the PD has quickly become a staple in the bag of disc golfers everywhere, especially those on Team Discmania.

The PD has been battle tested and time-and-time again it has come out on top.

Discmania 10 Year Anniversary C-Line PD

The Freak is Back

To help us mark this special occasion, we have a special release PD with artwork that is inspired by the initial Freak stamp. The Discmania 10 Year Anniversary C-Line PD not only is a great collector disc, it has an even better flight.

Earlier this year we released the mid-2018 run of the C-Line PD and it quickly became a popular choice for disc golfers of all levels. The 10 Year Anniversary PD is also part of that mid-2018 run.

Team Discmania’s Eagle McMahon feels the mid-2018 run is the most overstable run of PD to date, “I was comparing the flight to my first runs, which are well known to be overstable. The first runs definitely have a lot of fight to them, but still stay straight if thrown with enough power. This new run wants to fight out and hyzer almost right out of my hand. It is not as overstable as say an FD3, as it still has the PD integrity.”

How to Purchase the 10 Year Anniversary C-Line PD

The Discmania 10 Year Anniversary C-Line PD will go on sale Wednesday, November 7th, 2018. Exact release times listed below.

US release time: 9 a.m. Pacific/Noon Eastern.
Europe release time: Midnight EET. 

The "Freak-X's" and our other brand new release, the Special Edition Metal Flake C-line MD4's will be available worldwide at the Discmania Store, InnovaStore in Europe, and at your favorite Discmania Dealer.

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