Lykke Sandvik, Max Regitnig join Team Discmania

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As we begin to close out the Year of the Shield, we’re excited to announce two new additions to Team Discmania. Norway’s Lykke Sandvik and Sweden’s Max Regitnig join our roster of European disc golfers looking to make an impact in 2019.

Both have set high goals for themselves and we feel we can help them achieve everything they set out to do.

Meet Lykke Sandvik

Sandvik is the first Norwegian member of Team Discmania. Just 26-years-old, Sandvik has quickly become a force in Norway’s disc golf scene. The former competitive weightlifter placed third at the 2018 Norwegian Championships and is in the top-five rated disc golfers in Norway.

Sandvik says she first picked up a Discmania TDx a year ago and quickly fell in love with it, “I started swapping out everything in my bag with Discmania discs, as I know they can cover every shot I need. I love the feel of the plastic, the stamp designs, and I know that Discmania will continue to grow and help me reinvent my game.”

While Sandvik is still relatively new to disc golf, she feels 2018 was a great starting point, “I have been able to play in five different countries, on some amazing courses. I have been working at the local disc golf shop, which I am now a part owner of, and I’ve made so many new friends along the way. I’ve spent every day getting to know more about the sport and how to get myself in a position to challenge for the top. My goal is to be one of the best women in World over the next few years, and I will train as much as it takes to get there.

2019 has plans for another busy disc golf season for Sandvik, “There are a lot of tournaments I look forward to here in Europe, especially the European Open! I’m also dreaming of going on my own little tour in the US for a few weeks in May, AND in August for Worlds!”

Meet Max Regitnig

Joining Sandvik on Team Discmania is Sweden’s Max Regitnig. Regitnig also has an athletic background as he plays indoor volleyball in the fall and winter before shifting to disc golf in the spring and summer.

Born in Canada, but a dual citizen thanks to his Swedish mother, Regitnig has lived in Sweden since 2016. He was introduced to disc golf at a young age, but never played consistently. After moving to Sweden he was drawn back to the disc golf scene and became a regular on the Swedish tour.

He was quite busy this year with tournaments and won the EuroTour’s Bluebell Woods Open in Dunbar, Scotland. Along with that victory, he was a regular on the lead cards throughout Sweden.

The success this year was nice, but Regitnig has big plans for 2019, “Goals for next season is to introduce myself to higher caliber tournaments and push my limits day by day. I’m looking forward to this season to focus on my game, playing in some US tournaments and the European Open in Nokia, finally. Long term goal is to establish myself as a household name in the sport.”

Finally, Regitnig feels his volleyball background has prepared him for his disc golf career, "What I love about disc golf, coming from a team sport background, is that you can only hold yourself and your preparation accountable for the outcome. I’m very excited for the opportunity to represent a world class team like Discmania and can’t wait to see what we can achieve this year!”

We’re excited to have Sandvik and Regitnig on Team Discmania. Keep your eyes out for them in 2019!

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