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New Signature Release: Anders Swärd D-Line P2

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Team Discmania’s Anders Swärd has been one of the most influential disc golfers in Sweden and throughout Europe. With over 25 years of experience, Swärd has found himself on the top of the leaderboard quite often at tournaments throughout the continent.

We're celebrating his remarkable career with a limited edition Discmania Signature Series D-line P2 release. The disc is Anders Swärd's long-time favorite. This Europe-only release won’t be available for long, but is a great way to recognize the great career Swärd has put together.

The 2016 Masters European Champion and five-time Swedish Champion was able to add some more accomplishments to his resume this year. For the first time, Swärd won the Swedish National Tour. He’s been close in the past, but broke through for the first time in 2018. But that wasn't enough for him as he also took home titles in Swedish Doubles and Team Championships. We caught up with Anders for a quick end of the year interview about the past season.

The 2018 season is in the books… Looking back, how do you feel about this year?

When I look back, I must say it has been a good year. Even though it took a while for me to realize it. There were some not so good rounds, but in the end, I’m the Swedish Tour Champion and thrilled about the gold both in Doubles and Team Swedish Championships, and finished fourth in the singles.

Some of the events in the beginning of the season didn't go my way. Then my game came together and results followed. This is a challenge for me to work with, when the game doesn't flow as it usually does I have to be even better to get rid of the worst scores. It sounds boring but it’s very important.

Winning the Swedish National Tour means a lot to me. I've been a good player during the season. My carreer has lasted for over 25 years, I was second on the tour in 1993.... a lot of total podiums but only victory before this one, so a good feeling!

What most memorable disc golf moments did you make this year?

Oh, this is pretty easy to name. We knew it even before the event was held: when our club in Västervik got to arrange the Doubles Championships on our home course. It would be the last big tournament on the course as a new residential area will be developed there.

I took my first Swedish tour event victory there in 1994 and my doubles partner Jonas Hälleblad won there in 2017. Now we were able to win the Swedish Doubles Championships together on our home course in 2018. Our families were there and both of our parents still live close to the course, so they shared the victory with us. We won by one stroke and that feeling was awesome, something great that I’ll cherish forever!

Congrats on winning the Swedish National Tour! You had a steady pace towards the victory, how do you see it yourself?

Started up with two results in Kalmar and Hässleholm that didn't really indicate that I would be the winner. We were in the car on our way to the last National Tour tournament when someone said that I had a chance for the podium. I remember answering that it would be fun to be on the podium for the 20th time and never win. Even though I'm proud to be in the top, winning is fun. It was during the last round, when I checked the livescores while I was on hole 16, that I realized I was close to winning and the results of the other players had favored me. So I can't really say it was expected through the whole season.

Why did you pick the D-line P2 as your Signature disc out of all the Discmania discs?

It was an easy choice. I've been playing with that disc since the release. And if I have to say something about my game that I'm really good at, then I have to say it’s my skills with the putters.

It's easy to find the right feeling in the P2, it has a very reliable and predictable flight. It’s an easy disc to trust. That's really important for me. It’s a good disc for approaches and up at least 80-90 meters (260-300 feet) in my case. Very small fade and easy to control, also a disc for both the pro player and the beginner.

It’s really simple as that - the obvious choice!

Anders Swärd Signature P2 Release Information

The Anders Swärd Signature D-P2 is only available in Europe. You can find yours at the InnovaStore and select European retailers.

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