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Meet the Discmaniac

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Ever since our founding in 2006, we have referred to our biggest fans as Discmaniac. The Discmaniac title has gone beyond our fans though. It's been a symbol for us as we develop new products and pushed the evolution of disc golf. We often ask ourselves “What would the Discmaniac want?”

Quite simply the Discmaniac has been Discmania’s mascot. He’s a symbol of good. He’s a symbol of not only Discmania’s past, but also our future. The Discmaniac was a key inspiration that lead Jussi Meresmaa to design the original Discmania shield logo.

We felt we needed to truly bring the Discmaniac to life. Today marks the first introduction of the Discmaniac. It certainly won’t be the last time he makes an appearance.

Meet the Discmaniac.

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