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New Release: Discmania Exo Hard/Soft Tactic

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Each time we release a new stock disc, we aim to fill a void in our lineup and answer the call from disc golfers everywhere. For years we have heard from disc golfers of all skill levels wish for a truly overstable throwing putter from Discmania. The new Discmania Tactic is exactly that disc.

The first release is set for Tuesday, April 14 in both Exo Hard and Exo Soft plastic as part of our Evolution line.

Feel and Flight of the Tactic

Think of the Discmania Tactic as an approach disc that falls into the putter category. You get an overstable flier off the tee or on those approach shots, both sidearm and backhand. The Tactic will resist that turn at high speeds and has a very reliable fade that really punches in at the end of the flight.

It can be used as a traditional putter as well, but that is not the first purpose of this disc.

The Tactic has a similar depth as the P2, but isn’t too deep. You’ll have plenty of room to get a good grip though which helps translates to a lot of control. To additionally aid this control, the Tactic's low glide will really increase accuracy. 

The Exo Soft plastic has a little more give on the flight plate than Exo Hard, but both blends have a great amount of grip. Exo Hard does have a soft velvet-like feel to it.

We should also note that Exo Soft has been the most overstable plastic out of Exo Soft, Exo Hard, and Lux plastics.

Release of the Exo Tactic

The Discmania Exo Hard/Soft Tactic will go on sale at 8 a.m. Pacific/11 a.m. Eastern on Tuesday, April 14. European sales will begin at 12 a.m. EET.

For sales on Discmania.net, we are operating at a reduced capacity due to the novel Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Orders are still shipping, but there will be a delay in communication and order fulfillment. 

Along with Discmania Dealers, the Discmania Exo Hard/Soft Tactic will be available in the United States and worldwide at Discmania.net while European sales will be available at InnovaStore.

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