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New Release: 2020 European Open Glow C-Line PD3

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It’s been rumored for years and has been talked about by disc golfers around the world. The rumors can be put to rest, the Discmania PD3 is here.

The Discmania PD3 is initially being released as a fundraiser for the 2020 European Open in the very popular Glow C-Line plastic.

The 10th anniversary of the European Open is scheduled for July 16-19 in Nokia, Finland and the iconic lion stamp is back to help us welcome the new PD3 to our lineup.

Flight of the PD3

We’ve often said that the Discmania PD2 is a disc that is too overstable for most disc golfers. The strongest arms in Team Discmania rely on it often, but have called for an even more overstable flight.

Right up front, we can say that the PD3 also falls into that category. This isn’t a beginner friendly disc. And, yes, we know beginners everywhere will still pick one up, but we have to say that up front.

The flight of the PD3 is quite simple. High speed with plenty of stability. When thrown as hard as one can, it will resist turn and fight the wind with ease. This certainly isn’t flippy.

As the flight continues, with the aid of a little glide, a strong fade will really power through the end of the flight. If you keep it low, you’ll get a nice skip. If you give it a little hyzer, it will only amplify things.

Release of the PD3

The Discmania European Open Glow C-Line PD3 will go on sale at 3:30p.m Pacific/5:30 p.m. Eastern on Friday, March 27. The European release date is Tue, April 21st at 12am EET (Finland midnight). 

Along with Discmania Dealers, the Discmania European Open Glow C-Line PD3 will be available in the United States and worldwide at Discmania.net while European sales will be available at various Discmania Dealers and InnovaStore.

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