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Special Release: Heart Team Discmania Collection

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2020 began for many around the world with fresh ideas, the excitement of a new year, and the motivation to make this the best decade possible. In just 10 short weeks, we’ve watched the world turn from free-flowing optimism to a global pandemic filled with many more questions than answers.

Within disc golf, we saw the situation change by the hour during one of this season’s early tournaments. One day we were set for three rounds in Texas, a few hours later it was going to be held without spectators, and just a few hours after that, we learned the second round would be the final round for quite some time. As the days continued we’ve seen disc golf tournaments around the world put on hold as this global crisis continues to grow.

As news of the tournament shutdown spread, many on Team Discmania were hit with the reality that their livelihood, main income stream, and way of life has come to a halt. After training all off-season and preparing a schedule that became a way of life, all of that was put up in the air.

As a company we knew we wanted to do something to help those on Team Discmania who are fortunate enough to consider disc golf their primary job. We’ve also heard from disc golfers everywhere asking how they can help support those who they love to watch when the tournament season rolls through their hometown or all the countless hours of tournament play on YouTube. The call for a way to support Team Discmania has been quite overwhelming.

Heart Team Discmania P2

To answer that call, we’re releasing the limited Heart Team Discmania collection. A small set of discs will be available with the combined Heart Discmania and Team Discmania stamps. A significant amount of the proceeds from these sales will go directly to those on Team Discmania.

We’re excited to roll this out and feel that the disc golf community will be right behind us. If you are one of the many who have reached out asking how you can help Team Discmania, this is your chance.

Note on Shipping

For the safety of our employees and our community, Discmania is operating at a reduced capacity. We kindly ask for your patience, as operations are delayed.

As per our local authorities, Discmania Inc. is able to resume shipping and fulfillment operations with a limited staff. We expect online orders to be fulfilled in 2-5 business days from the order.

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