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New Signature Release: Simon Lizotte Swirly S-Line PD2 Sky Rider

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It’s time to fly.

The latest signature disc for Team Discmania’s Simon Lizotte is taking to the skies. The Simon Lizotte Signature Series Swirly S-Line PD2 Sky Rider not only looks great, it is even better going down the fairway.

Flight of the Sky Rider

Simon calls the Sky Rider a “crusher PD2” — it isn’t the most overstable run, but one that can really fly and complement your more traditional distance driver.

It’s best to watch Simon’s first impressions to see just what this disc can do:

Release of the Sky Rider

The Sky Rider will go on sale at Thursday, October 15 in both the United States and Europe.

The Sky Rider will be exclusively available in the United States and worldwide at Discmania.net while European sales will be available at InnovaStore. Limits of two discs per order.

In case you missed it, the release plans are a bit unique to the Sky Rider due to multiple factors. We encourage you to read our reasons why. We aim to have future signature releases widely available as we have in the past.

How to get the Sky Rider

The best way to ensure you get the Sky Rider is to subscribe to our newsletter. You will get a heads up when the release happens.

Subscribe to the Discmania newsletter (US & Worldwide) or the InnovaStore newsletter (Europe).

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