New Signature Series: Lizotte Glow C-Line MD4 Crescent Falcon II

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Last year’s Crescent Falcon release was yet another one of the most popular discs we released last year. This year the bird returns with another signature series disc for Team Discmania’s Simon Lizotte.

The Simon Lizotte Glow C-Line MD4 Crescent Falcon II is here with a new look to accompany the same great flight.

Flight of the Crescent Falcon II

The Crescent Falcon II is designed to fill your bag as the go-to overstable mid-range. With the blunt nose and micro-bead, you can really put some power behind the Crescent Falcon II. Trust it to be nice and stable at high speeds before that predictable finish at the end of the flight.

As with any MD4, you’ll get a nice amount of glide to help push things forward, while still maintaining that control you desire.

How to Purchase the Crescent Falcon II

The Crescent Falcon II will go on sale at 9 a.m. Pacific/Noon Eastern Tuesday, October 23.

It will be available worldwide at the Discmania Store, InnovaStore in Europe, and at your favorite Discmania Dealer.

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