Discmania Signs Lizotte to Five-Year Contract

Tour / Promotions

As the professional disc golf season begins to wind down, we are already putting our focus on the future. Today, Discmania is excited to announce we have signed Simon Lizotte to a five-year contract extension. The five-year contract is virtually unheard of when it comes to the disc golf’s elite.

“This agreement is awesome news to Discmania, but especially to all the fans,” Discmania CEO Jussi Meresmaa says. “With this long extension we are able to build an even stronger relationship and bring more Simon to you."

Lizotte says he’s excited after the new contract, “It’s a huge decision, but it wasn’t a difficult decision for me. Discmania is where I belong. I belong to that family. When you found the right place, there is no reason to think about anything different.”

2018 was a strong year on the disc golf course for Lizotte that was first highlighted by his win at the Memorial to open the season before claiming his second European Championship in August.

Discmania Team Manager Austin Montgomery is excited to have Lizotte back on the team for the next five years, “Simon brings something special to our team, the ability to throw highlight reel shots from anywhere on the course, as well as the ability to compete with the worlds best. To have Simon committed to Discmania for such a long period shows the confidence he has in our brand and our discs. I couldn't be more excited."

Beyond the Disc Golf Course

While this contract falls right into Lizotte’s prime years as a professional athlete (26-31), it also is perfectly alighted with Discmania’s strategy to be an international disc golf brand. We at Discmania believe the sport will continue to grow internationally in the coming years and having Lizotte along for that is key.

This new contract will open new opportunities for both Lizotte and Discmania in terms marketing, promotion, and communications.

“The special thing is when I talk to anyone at Discmania, we’re friends,” Lizotte says. “We want to make things work together and we don’t try and take advantage of each other.”

Earlier this season we debuted the Epic Disc Golf Trick Shots with Lizotte. It’s a safe bet that more trick shots are on their way in the years to come.

More than a Contract, It’s a Relationship

Meresmaa and Lizotte have known each other since 2008 when they first met in Germany. Lizotte was just a teenager when the relationship began.

Having that personal connection and shared vision helped make this an easy decision for all parties involved.

“I’m personally excited for all the opportunities we have in front of us,” Meresmaa says. “It is unusual to make this big and long agreements in disc golf, but we feel that Simon is a unique individual and a perfect fit for Discmania.”

Lizotte says he’s never considered Meresmaa to be his boss and that it’s always been easy to work together,” We’ve been talking about this contract for nearly the entire season and after looking at everything, there was never was a serious thought that I would leave.”

If you thought 2018 and the Year of the Shield was exciting, we’re just getting started.

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