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Now in flight: The G-line C-line CD2

At the start of October we announced our main sponsor partnership with the upcoming Aussie Open which very shortly after that led to the release of the Aussie Open fundraiser C-line CD2. You Discmaniacs welcomed the CD2 with praising reviews, so we decided to put some steam in the engine and give you a general stock release of the new "tweener" driver in two plastics: The C-line & G-line.

The CD2 is a disc for those hungry for control. It doesn’t get too flashy with a lot of turn and fade like many distance drivers out there, but on the contrary it can hold a line and still bring you the distance needed to cover most fairways. The CD2 is actually a pretty close relative not only to the CD, but also to our praised speed 10 Power Driver, the PD. Out of the box you will see the CD2 perform a lot like a seasoned PD, providing you with enough stability to conquer most headwinds and a reliable low speed fade that takes you underneath the basket. For the less powerful players the CD2 can easily work as the most overstable driver in the bag, while the majority of players can trust the CD2 as their main driver in a wide range of situations.


The G-line release will be especially handy for those who live in areas where the temperature drops to cold or even freezing during winter. The flexy and grippy G-line material is proven to offer better grip and better overall feel than other premium plastics when the temperature drops. Despite staying very "grip-friendly" in cold temperatures, the G-line material never gets too floppy, so it's a great choice for summer weather too. Compared to the C-line CD2, the G-line version tends to have a touch straighter flight path, with a little higher tendency to turn in high speeds while allowing a touch softer, forward penetrating fade at the end.

The CD2's have already reached many of our European retailers and US retailers should follow suit in the coming weeks. If you have yet to try the CD2, give it a spin a see what it can do to your game ;)


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