Out now: Discmania C-MD3 & C-P3

The day is here! The 2 long-awaited additions to our line-up have finally seen a worldwide release date. Some of our dealers in Europe already have these available while most US dealers will stock up on both newcomers in the near future.

C-line MD3

The MD3 features a sleek profile that is easy to grip even if you are not that accustomed with midrange drivers. It is designed to function as your workhorse midrange both off the tee and with shorter approaches. The MD3 resembles the Discmania hit midrange MD2 a lot by it’s profile.

The MD3 works best as an all-around midrange disc, and it’s different weights fill all the midrange needs of most players. When thrown accordingly, the MD3 holds a line very well and at the end of it’s flight it fades underneath the basket for a pitch-in birdie.

C-line P3

Our newest addition to your short game, the C-line P3 is fast for a putter and a very torque resistant flyer. Previously available only in D-line, now everyone can have a stable P3 with maximum durability. It has lower profile than normal putter and can be used as a mid-range too. The C-line P3 is stable flyer that provides a predictable fade at the end. It´s a hybrid between the putter and mid-range – you make the call.

The C-line P3 excels in headwind and in accurate hyzer shots towards the basket. Throwing off the tee, you won’t need to go easy with your power with this disc. A definite must try for fade-in putters.

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