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Playing Disc Golf in the Rain: How to Succeed

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It’s raining again and you had plans to golf. What should you do? Stay inside, practice, or play a full round in the rain? Don’t (always) be a fair weather disc golfer, get out in some adverse conditions! Learn what it feels like playing a round during a rain shower. You’ll be better because of it.

A few benefits to playing in the rain:

  • You’ll likely have the course to yourself
  • For tournament players, this is good practice for those rainy tournament days
  • It may make you enjoy your fair weather rounds even more


Having the right gear can make playing in the rain enjoyable. At the very least, an umbrella is a must. Along with an umbrella, waterproof shoes are very beneficial. Rain pants and jacket are essential during heavy or long periods of rain. Keeping dry will help not only physically, but also with your mental game.

Outside of clothing, you must consider the discs you’re throwing. Some plastics perform better in wet conditions than others. With that said, what works for one player, may not work for you.

Generally, a base plastic like D-Line is going to provide superior grip in wet conditions. If you don’t currently carry any discs D-Line, make sure you pick some up and stash them for a rainy day. G-Line and X-Line are also great options in the rain. Again, these plastic choices will boil down to personal preference. Practice is the only way to know.

Towel Stash

Having a stash of dry towels at your disposal can help you keep a grip on your disc. Microfiber towels work really well for this. Make sure to have your extras in a zip-top bag. There is nothing worse than going to pull out a fresh towel only to find out that it is already soaked. If you think you have enough towels, add a few more. You’ll thank yourself later.

Dominik Stampfer smiles after a hole

Remembering to Smile

Yes, you might be soaking wet. Yes, the tee pads might be slick. Don't forget to take a moment to relax and smile too. You are off the couch, playing disc golf, and becoming better all at the same time.

Playing Disc Golf Tournaments in the Rain

If you’re like me, you are keeping a close eye on the forecast the week leading up to a tournament. This is when I start mentally prepping for the weather. In the event that rain is forecasted, my preparation will start as soon as I see there is a chance of rain. Make sure that all of your wet weather gear is accounted for and prepped for a day in the rain. Scrambling last minute to find your rain jacket, umbrella, spare towels and other necessities can be stressful. It’s better to be prepared for the worst and be pleasantly surprised when the conditions turn out to be better than expected.

Adjust Routines

For the sake of staying as dry as possible, adjust your routine. Don’t completely throw away your entire routine, but recognize that more time out from under your umbrella means more chances to get wet and possibly lose your grip.

Don’t Lower Your Expectations

Play as if the weather isn’t a factor. Letting poor conditions bring your standards down is a common mistake. You can still play and score well in the rain, this goes for really windy days, too. If you lower your guard, your play will suffer as a result. Keep those expectations high and try to play better in the rain than you do in good conditions. Remember, you can’t control the weather. Don’t waste energy trying to fight Mother Nature.

Pro tip: don’t forget to drink fluids during your round. It is sometimes easy to forget to drink water when it is raining out.

A Change of Clothes

Bring extra clothes for between rounds and afterwards. You can give yourself a big leg up by having extra shoes, socks and clothing to change in to between rounds. Going back out with a fresh, dry set of clothes can be the difference between an enjoyable round and a miserable round. You’ll be stronger mentally as your competitors are cold, wet, and wishing they would be inside.

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