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Reinvent Your Game: More Than a Motto for John Seaborn

Disc Life

Reinvent Your Game. For us at Discmania, it’s our main slogan and mindset. We provide the tools to reinvent any disc golfer’s game to take it to the next level. For John Seaborn, it’s more than a phrase for disc golf.

Seaborn, 47, has been playing disc golf for over 20 years. When he first moved to Plainfield, Illinois, he was just blocks away from West Park, the first disc golf course in Illinois.

“Disc golf didn’t sound like something I’d be into,” Seaborn says after some of his friends encouraged him to play. “Once I gave it a try, I was hooked right away.”

From that point on, Seaborn was out on the course as much as he could. Courses were not as packed as they are today and the courses were typically wide open. He tries to get out earlier on the weekends before the crowds hit or finds a course that isn’t hosting a tournament that weekend to still get a little disc golf in.

Eight years ago, Seaborn’s ability to play disc golf was called into question. He had three vertebrae fused which left more questions than answers.

Seaborn says he never had the distance like Simon Lizotte, but still wanted to play, “I can’t do a two round day anymore, but it’s either go out and play and pay for it, or not play, and that isn’t an option.”

Unfortunately, a second incident that caused Seaborn to be fitted for a neck brace. This was the start of how he found Discmania and ultimately reinvented his game, and to some extent, his life.

John has overcome some serious setbacks and keeps on playing disc golf.

Last year, during a disc golf trip to the Sandy Point Resort in Wisconsin, Seaborn and some friends wanted to squeeze in as much disc golf as possible.

“I have horrible form. I was self taught and don’t follow through correctly. I always fall off the front of the tee,” Seaborn says about his trip to Wisconsin.

“I was getting a big run up and I stepped off the corner of the tee pad and started to roll down the hill. I tried to tuck my head and roll, but my head hit first.

Seaborn continued to play since he was used to the pain and discomfort after a round due to his previous back fusion. After the pain didn’t subside and he missed four months of work, it was time to do something.

“The motto is unique to everyone, but it struck me so hard. It’s really the only way I can throw for another 20 years.”

After fixing four bulging discs in his neck, three of which were pressing on nerves, Seaborn found himself in a neck brace and off the disc golf course.

“I have to quit flying off the tee and figure this out,” Seaborn said with some new found downtime. “I started watching all the instructional videos and Discmania’s Deep in the Game with Avery Jenkins were my favorites.”

“I noticed how many of the top pros have a similar form. That’s where the 'reinvent your game' came in. I had to do it and get out in the field and break it down. I can’t be out of control. And I’ve found without the big run up, I still get a lot of distance.”

The Deep in the Game series led Seaborn to Discmania and soon a entirely new way of playing.

“Simon Lizotte and Eagle McMahon help remind me of when I started to play. How much fun it was,” Seaborn says. “That’s what keeps me going. They are just having a lot of fun.”

While trying to disc down and simplify his bag, Seaborn has picked up the D-Line and P-Line P2s, FD, and CD2. He has also bagged a PD2 just for sidearm shots.

“I don’t know how much longer I can play. I just have to reinvent my game and Discmania is helping,” Seaborn says while waiting to get back on the course. “The motto is unique to everyone, but it struck me so hard. It’s really the only way I can throw for another 20 years.”

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