Reinvent Your Game with Dana Vicich

It’s hard to believe that we’re already into 2016. Even harder to believe we’re half way through January! Just over two weeks ago many of us were reflecting and making resolutions, looking towards a new year. As I type this, I’m again taken back to thinking of my triumphs and defeats of the year. On the course, I was mostly underperforming and two putting. The two putting was the main source of my problems. It was a pretty disappointing season. But that’s enough looking back, I’m ready to focus on today.

After agreeing to join DiscGolfPark® as a representative, I let my 2015 sponsor, Prodigy know that I would not be returning in 2016. I liked both them and their discs, but felt that I could make a significant impact on the game working with DiscGolfPark.

My plan was to just get back to throwing discs and throwing whatever I wanted, regardless of the brand. The idea of an open bag was intriguing to say the least. I figured that I would keep an open mind though, in case any interesting offers popped up. As it turns out, one of those offers did come and with it a box of discs to test. The other day, while in the backyard doing some testing, I kind of had a moment. I was picking up a disc and there it was staring at me…’reinvent your game’. This is the poignantly simple three-word slogan from Discmania. These three words woke me up. I said to myself, “I need to reinvent my game”.

I immediately started planning my new new year resolution. My original new year resolution was a decent one, I resolved to go to yoga class regularly and also to run 10 miles at once. I won’t totally ditch those, but instead get them incorporated into my new resolution. Now, I have the resolution to reinvent my game.

Which leads me to ask, were you unhappy with your disc golf play in 2015? Did your rating go down like mine (I’m down 20 points!)? Are you looking for something fresh and different, yet simple? Maybe you’re an improving player, working your way up the ranks and want a little extra push? Have you maybe forgotten about that lame new year resolution you made already?

My call to action to you today is to join me in my quest to reinvent my game. Not only am I looking to get better at disc golf, but I’d like to improve myself as a person on and off the course.

I’ll be posting my recipe for reinvention in the coming weeks and months. There will be short videos, tweets, blogs and who knows what else. I imagine it as an organic thing that grows and changes, but works towards the ultimate goal of being a better disc golfer and person. Books, diet and exercise are just a few of the topics I’ll be talking about and addressing. Hop on for the long haul or check in every now and then. Just make sure when you do participate; you give it your all and believe in it.

My first video, coming next week, will be on how to properly wake up and start your day. Be sure to join the Facebook group, Reinvent Your Game With Dana Vicich.

If you want to join me reinventing your game, use the hashtag #reinvent16. You'll also find my posts using this tag.


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