Team Discmania Signs Two New Players

We are proud to announce two new additions to our team. First of them is the 2014 United States Amateur National Champion from Colorado, USA and the other one a well known player and promoter of the sport from Illinois, USA. Ladies and gents: Colten and Dana!

Colten Montgomery

Colten Montgomery Colten Montgomery

Colten has been on our radar for some time now. He is the United States 2014 Amateur National Champion. We actually attempted to get him on the team immediately after he won his national title in 2014. Colten respectfully declined as he wanted to remain loyal to his other sponsor at that time. The door remained open for Montgomery and he decided to revisit the opportunity for the 2016 season.

Colten hails from Longmont, CO and is the brother of our long time Team Discmania player and our current employee Austin Montgomery. "I'm very excited to have my brother on the team. It made sense to bring on someone that will be getting out there to all the big events as I turn my focus to promoting the best course design and installation service in the world, DiscGolfPark.", Austin Montgomery says. We are excited to support Colten on his endeavours in 2016 and are proud to have another great person representing the shield. Colten's team page.


Dana Vicich

Dana Vicich. (Photo credit: LEL Photography) Dana Vicich. (Photo credit: LEL Photography)

Dana was born, raised and currently resides in Illinois. He’s been splitting his time between the road and home since 2009. While at home, his time is spent promoting disc golf through running events, designing courses and various philanthropic endeavors. You can also find him live on the SmashboxxTV Podcast most Tuesday nights.

Dana will soon start a blog series called Reinvent Your Game with Dana Vicich. It will concentrate on Dana reinventing himself in several ways. There will be blogs, videos and tips. Prepare to be inspired. Stay tuned! Dana's team page.




Want to know who all belong to Team Discmania and how to apply?

See our Team Discmania page.

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