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Reinvent your midrange game with the MD

As many of our readers may already know, we'll be rolling out some sweet new plastic very soon. We're talking about our newest midrange, the MD, designed for all skill levels.

From the very beginning of the design process we had a very clear cut mission - to fill our straight to understable midrange slot and have the ultimate control midrange. The MD certainly fits the bill for both of those goals. By “ultimate control” we want the thrower to be able to control this disc to do any and every type of flight fresh off the shelf. This speed 4 midrange has a glide rating of 5 with 0 turn and 0 fade. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and then imagine all of the different shots you can accomplish with this disc. The feel of the MD is great as well. It has a slight dome and a convex lower wing. It feels like it belongs in your hand and it's ready to tackle all of your midrange duties. We bet you just got excited to try this disc as we are to release it.


The first release of the MD comes with the popular and high visible C-line plastic and possible subsequent releases in other plastic materials will be considered based on customer feedback. The C-line material allows the MD to fly exceptionally straight both in high and low speeds and the durable plastic material allows this disc to minimize the effect of wear in all conditions. Contrary to the previously released Prototype run of the C-line MD, the production run has a touch lower profile.

The international release for the C-line MD is June 15th and many of our European retailers are expected to start sales on this very date. Our North American retailers should be able to start sales shortly after the release date.


Grab yourself a pair of MD's and REINVENT YOUR GAME!

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