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Simon Lizotte In the Bag 2019

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Year in and year out one of the most common questions we get is always the same: What is in Simon Lizotte’s disc golf bag?

The man can likely play an entire line with the P2, but he does need few extras to fully get the job done. Lizotte sat down at the popular Maple Hill Disc Golf Course to take us through what he has in the bag.


D-Line P2 (3x): Main putting putters

S-Line P2: The one he threw nearly 500 feet.

Swirl S-Line Sky God II P2: More overstable than the other S-Line


C-Line MD: Most neutral flying midrange. Holds any line with great glide.

Glow C-Line Crescent Falcon II MD4: More overstable than other MD4s. Great in the wind.

C-Line MD5: Like a midrange PD2.

Fairway Drivers

C-Line FD Second Run: Flat, stiff, and slightly more overstable.

Color Glow C-Line Night Strike FD: Needs no power to throw straight. Acts like a driver with low effort.

D-Line FD: Trick shot disc.

Swirl S-Line FD3: Anna from Frozen dye job, straight for an FD3.

Swirl S-Line Doom Bird II FD3: Main staple disc.

Distance Drivers

C-Line PD First Run: A little flatter, very straight at this point.

Luster C-Line PD2: Wants to finish hard left. Spike hyzers.

Swirl S-Line PD2: Newer run, Blank Ink Discs stamp.

C-Line PD2 (3x): Early run, bubbles in the rim.

Glow C-Line PD2: Furthest flying disc in his bag.

C-Line PD2 First Run: Mainly for sidearms.


Evolution Evolution Instinct Primal Run: Glide that is second to none.

Evolution Method Primal Run: New beaded midrange.

Metal Flake C-Line PD2: Very overstable

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