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The first new release in Discmania’s Year of Evolution is here! The initial discs in the new Discmania Active line of disc golf discs are here.

The first five discs include a putter, midrange, and three drivers. All five discs are released in the Discmania Active base plastic. Don’t confuse base plastic with low performance. The extensive research and development that has gone into the plastic blend ensures you get the most value for the money.

Plus, this initial release is priced at just $8.99 for a single disc. This lower price point makes it a great option for new disc golf markets and for beginners everywhere.

Despite the beginner friendly price point and design, these discs have a lot to offer for all skill levels. The weights of the Active line discs have been optimized to work for a wide range of skill levels, so all customers have to worry about is choosing your favourite color. The weight of the disc is not marked on the discs at the factory. The target weight for each disc is a beginner friendly 165-170 grams, which works well for advanced players out there as well.

The Discmania Active line products are approved for competitive use by the PDGA. All Active line products can be used in sanctioned disc golf events.

Discmania Active Makes Eagle McMahon’s Bag

Team Discmania’s Eagle McMahon is looking forward to the new Discmania Active Spring Ox midrange. In McMahon’s 2019 In The Bag video, he talked about really enjoying the new Spring Ox.

He says the plastic blend is very durable and similar to a Discmania Originals P3x. He primarily uses it for forehand shots and finds it to slot between a putter and midrange.

We won’t be surprised if McMahon is the first of many experienced disc golfers to see the Discmania Active discs find a slot in their bags.

How to Buy Discmania Active Discs

The first five discs in the Discmania Active line can be found at the Discmania Store for worldwide orders and at InnovaStore in Europe. Plus, be sure to check your favorite Discmania Dealer for all the Discmania Active discs.

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