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Steven Braud: Latest to Seize the Shield

Disc Life

Team Discmania continues to grow in 2018. In December, we announced the signing of our five newest members via the Combine. Now, during this Year of the Shield, we’re excited to announce our latest addition: Steven Braud.

Steven Braud, PDGA #16027, lives in the disc-golf-rich Mid-Atlantic region. He is just minutes from world classes like Nockimixon and The Preserve, which he designed and built. Braud has been a PDGA member since 2000 and started playing in the professional division in 2007.


What He's Throwing and Where

Some of the discs you will see him reaching for from the tee will be the Discmania CD2 and the DDx. On the putting green, Braud is using the Imperial Eagle Glow P-Line P2.

Expect to see Braud at a number of local events and some larger ones like the MVP Open, PDGA Pro World Championships, and the Deleware Disc Golf Challenge. His first event of the year will be his 200th career professional event when he competes at the annual Kiltlifter tournament.


Steve Braud's 2018 Goals

With one of his career goals of becoming a sponsored player now accomplished, that leaves him time to put his focus on new goals. One goal this year is to become more efficient with his forehand shot. Braud wants to step up to a right finishing hole and not think twice about playing the forehand.

Braud is also putting the time in off the course, working on both endurance and balance. Improving on his forehand, balance, and endurance will undoubtedly help him accomplish his major goal of winning more events.


More Than Just a Player

In addition to joining Team Discmania, Braud will also be working as a DiscGolfPark Representative. Braud has a goal of helping get the older courses in his region updated, along with continuing to build and install more high quality courses. If he isn't playing or designing, he also enjoys teaching disc golf. This year, he will be running a four week instructional clinic.


We wish Braud the best of luck this year as he competes as part of Team Discmania!

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