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Five Ways to Improve Your Sidearm

A good disc golf sidearm throwing technique should have all of the following: control, balance, acceleration, power a...
Disc Golf Academy

Ask the Disc Golf Academy; Become a Better Disc Golfer

There is one common goal for every disc golfer. It doesn't matter your age, gender, location, or experience, we all w...
Disc Golf Academy

Five Quick Ways to Reinvent Your Putting

One of the most popular disc golf questions is, “How can I improve my putting?” We’ve compiled five disc golf putting...
Disc Golf Academy

Disc Golf Academy: Off-Season Training (Coordination)

To complete the four-part disc golf off-season training series, Disc Golf Academy coach Andreas Gertsch details a ser...
Disc Golf Academy

Disc Golf Academy - Off-Season Training (Speed)

When we asked Disc Golf Academy Coach Andreas Gertsch what is something all disc golfers need. He didn't hesitate wit...
Disc Golf Academy

Disc Golf Academy – Off Season Training (Strength)

Our Disc Golf Academy Coach Andreas Gertsch believes the stronger you are the easier things become and your disc golf...
Disc Golf Academy

Disc Golf Academy – Off Season Training (Endurance)

We've titled 2018 The Year of the Shield and to help two of the best professionals in disc golf get off to the best s...
Disc Golf Academy

Disc Golf Academy Basics: Flight Ratings

One of the first things you might notice when getting into disc golf are the numbers printed on the disc. Commonly re...
Disc Golf Academy

Eagle McMahon Disc Golf Boot Camp Wrap-up

Five weeks of the Swiss Bootcamp have passed. Both Simon and I are now feeling healthier and stronger than ever befor...
Disc Golf Academy

Become a Professional Disc Golfer by Discmania

There isn’t a day that goes by when a disc golfer asks themselves, “How do I become a professional disc golfer?” Thin...
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