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The Most Expensive Discmania Disc

Disc Life

Everything seemed pretty normal for a Saturday afternoon until Team Discmania’s Simon Lizotte decided to auction off one of the most unique Discmania discs in his collection. The end result was very surprising and could easily be called the most expensive Discmania disc.

In the Discmania Collectors and Throwers Facebook Group, Lizotte posted the following photo with this message:

Simon Lizotte Sky God

Hey everyone!

I’m working on a little YouTube video project and for that I decided to auction off the coolest disc I have. This is a one of a kind sky god that’s dark blue / dark green and has a triple foil stamp. White, black and silver. I put a normal blue sky god next to this one for you to see the unique color. This disc hasn’t been thrown ever and is in great condition. No ink, but I will sign it if the buyer wants me to. I’ll ship the disc to the highest bidder at that time! The money will not be going in my pocket, but will be donated to a good cause that I haven’t decided yet. Probably kids disc golf or UPlayDG. Let’s find a new home for this beauty!

Simon Lizotte Sky God

What happened next was unbelievable to watch play out. The acution soon hit $500 and quickly shot up to $800. After bid slowed down a little bit, we soon realized things were only getting started. A $1000 bid was posted only to quickly clime to $1,250.

After a bidding war between two Discmaniacs, the number jumped to $2,050. It didn’t take long for another back and forth when it launched to the final winning total of $2,750.

While we don’t have records of every auctioned Discmania disc, we’ve certainly never seen one reach this level.

Lizotte has confirmed that the payment has been received!

As Lizotte stated in the initial post, this was specifially for a youth disc golf organization and has decided to split the total between both Kids Disc Golf and UPlayDG.

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